Isle of Wight Football Association

A Division of Hampshire FA

Combination 2 Cup





Group A Group B
Bembridge Carisbrooke United
Niton Community Seaview
Newchurch AFC Wootton
Ryde Saints "A" Yarmouth & Calboutne

Each Club will play one match against their other group Clubs.

The Fixture Secretary will fixture either home or away matches as ground availability allows.


Each match will be played as a League fixture (i.e. 90 minutes only).

Player qualification will be as per League 2 Rules.


Results to be reported to Mr Geoff Ruck and Result Sheets submitted as usual.


The winner of group A will play the runner-up of group B


and the winner of group B will play the runner-up of group A in the Semi-Finals,


with the two semi-final winners playing each other in the Final which will be held on a neutral ground.


Referees Match Fees will be paid by the home club in all group matches

but in the Semi-Finals the participating clubs will share equally the Referees Match Fee

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