Isle of Wight Football Association

A Division of Hampshire FA

Register of Football Clubs

(All of whom have signed up to RESPECT)


2nd Contact  
Home Ground Seaclose Park
AFC WOOTTON Contact Josh Redford
Address 35 Louis Road, Sandown, PO36 9HT
Phone 07540 325200
2nd Contact Dan Partridge - 07901 056190
Home Ground Wootton Rec
Colours Blue / Black Shirts, Black Shorts & socks
BEMBRIDGE Contact Sarah Portwine
Address 4 Isenhurst Court, Lane End Road, Bembridge. PO35 5XJ Phone 875724
Mobile 07534 415569
2nd Contact Carol Lockyer - 07869 407778
Home Ground Steyne Park, Bembridge
Colours 1st team Royal blue shirts, shorts & socks
Res Royal blue shirts, shorts & red socks.
BINSTEAD & COB Contact Stuart White
Address 10 Birch Gardens, Binstead, PO33 3XB Phone 565538
2nd Contact James Connor 07921 662636
Home Ground Binstead Rec
Colours 1st Green with white stripe on sleeve, green shorts & socks.
Res Green & white hooped shirts, green shorts & socks.
BRADING TOWN Contact Andy Gregory
Address 3 Oxford Street, Northwood. IW   PO31 8PT Mob  07922 912000
2nd Contact S Lawton - 407003 or 07977 901423
Home Ground Peter Henry Ground Brading
Colours Red Shirts, Red shorts & socks
BRIGHSTONE Contact K. William

2 Victoria Court,Fort Warden Heights,Totland Bay, PO39 0FD Mob  07977 576604
2nd Contact Richard Eastaff 07813 403955
Home Ground Brighstone Rec
Colours Black & Blue shirts, Black shorts & Blue socks
CARISBROOKE United Contact Julie Culiford-Brace
Address 117 Furrlongs, Newport.  PO30 2BD Phone 529780
Mob  07572 223935
2nd Contact Reg Moul - 528766 / 07873 105114
Home Ground Clatterford Rec
Colours Blue & White Stripped shirts, Blue shorts & socks.
COWES SPORTS Contact P. Jeffery
Address 49 Oakfield Road, East Cowes. PO32 6DS Phone 719076
Mob 07903 085785
2nd Contact W Murray 245720 or 07972 779050
Home Ground Westwood Park, Cowes
Colours Blue & White stripped shirts, Black shorts & blue socks. 
EAST COWES VICTORIA Contact Lisa Woodward
Address 3, Johnson Road, Newport, IW PO30 5NR Phone 01983 520614

07917 043152

2nd Contact Gary Todd 07895 414753
Home Ground Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes
Colours Red & White striped shirts, Black shorts & Red socks
E.C.S. Contact Mrs Jenny Gearing
Address 45 Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes PO32 6HX
  Phone 296529 or 07972 170044
2nd Contact Simon Neville 07501 226202
Home Ground GKN Sports Ground, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes
Colours 1st Blue & White hooped shirts, Blue Shorts & Blue Socks
Reserves Red & Black shirts, Black shorts & socks
NEWPORT (IOW) Contact Josh Davies 33
Address Love Lane, Cowes. IW Phone 07583 039303
2nd Contact  
Home Ground St George’s Park / Newport A @ Seaclose
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & yellow shorts
 NEWCHURCH Contact Jason Brook
Address 4 North View, Harbors Lake Lane, Newchurch, PO36 0LY Phone 863840
Mob  07754 616141
2nd Contact Graham Cooper 865772
Home Ground Watery Lane. Newchurch
Colours 1st Yellow shirts, Black shorts & Yellow socks.
Reserves Yellow shirts, Black shorts & socks.
NITON COMMINITY Contact Stuart Chatfield
Address 2 Clifton, Institute Hill, Niton, PO38 2BA Phone 530551 (office)
Mob  07875 195211
2nd Contact Steve Weir Tel 731330 or 07815 975593
Home Ground Springhead, Niton
Colours 1st White shirts, Green shorts & White socks 
Reserves Green shirts & shorts, White socks
NORTHWOOD ST. JOHNS Contact Joel Mather
Address 2 Ensign Close, Cowes PO31 7UZ Mobile Tel 07887 840145
2nd Contact Stewart Taylor 07970 710467
Home Ground IOW Community Club, Park Road, Cowes
Colours Yellow with Black trim shirts, shorts & socks
OAKFIELD Contact Stuart Woodmore
Address 59 Slade Road, Oakfield, PO33 1EG Phone 609473
Mob  07815 436586
2nd Contact Basil Hamiltion  07989 467385
Home Ground Oakfield Rec, Slade Road Oakfield.PO33 1EG
Colours 1st White shirts, White shorts & White socks
OSBORNE COBURG Contact Adam Glen
Address 70 Downsview Gardens, Wootton, PO33 4LS Phone  
Mob  07706 483688
2nd Contact Daniel Storey 07817 094623 
Home Ground Isle of Wight Community Club, Cowes
Colours 1st White shirts, Navy blue shorts & socks
PAN SPORTS Contact Jessie Dunkling
Address 55 Robin Hood Street, Newport PO30 2AW Phone 07842 837978
2nd Contact Steve Case 638821 or 07873 872122
Home Ground Downside Middle School, Newport.
Colours Claret & blue shirts shorts & socks.
RYDE SAINTS Contact Nic Johnson
Address 9 Edward Street, Ryde, PO33 2SH Phone 07446 963748
2nd Contact Andy Brown 07734 580243
Home Ground First Team - Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde.
  Home Ground Reserves   - Pell Lane, Ryde..
  Home Ground 'A' Team    - Pell Lane, Ryde.
Colours Sky Blue shirts, Black shorts & white socks

Bob Gray


Flat 2, 5 The Broadway, Sandown  PO36 9DQ Phone 716143 or 07789 964825
2nd Contact Martin Groves 07702 010314
Home Ground Fairway Sports Centre
Colours Yellow & Black shirts, Black shorts & Black & Yellow socks
SEAVIEW Contact Amanda Jones
Address 67 Solent View Road, Seaview PO34 5HH Phone 613672
Mob  07768 635587
2nd Contact Chris Norman 07761 584374
Home Ground Seaview Rec
Colours 1st Red & Blue stripes, Blue shorts & socks
Reserves White shirts sorts & socks.
SHANKLIN Contact Roger Harvey
Address  3 Craigmore Court, Howard Road, Shanklin PO37 6HH Phone 863141
Mob 07905 709959  
2nd Contact Stephen Trowbridge 862543
Home Ground County Ground, Shanklin
Colours Blue shirts, White shorts & Red socks
VENTNOR Contact Julie Squires
Address 1, Bartlett’s Close, Newchurch IW.  PO36 0FB. Tel 07981 546983

2nd Contact  
Home Ground Watcombe Bottom Sports Centre, Ventnor
Colours Yellow /Blue sleeves, Blue shorts & Yellow socks
WEST WIGHT Contact A. J. Sexton
Address 5 Golden Ridge, Freshwater. PO40 9LE Phone 754291 or 07342 672088
2nd Contact Trish Sime 752283 or 07808 963199
Home Ground Camp Road, Freshwater
Colours White shirts, Blue shorts & socks.
WHITECROFT & BARTON Contact R. Sanders
Address 41 Spring Walk, Gunville,  Newport PO30 5ND Phone 524048 or 07960 116658
2nd Contact Nigel True 07850 604479
Home Ground Sandy Lane, Whitecroft
Colours Red shirts, shorts & socks.
WROXALL Contact Claire Harvey
Address 310, Sycamore Drive, Bembridge IW.  PO35 5AM
  Phone 01983 427927
Mob  07849 888030
2nd Contact Matt Croad 07972 198337
Home Ground Castle Road, Wroxall
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & Yellow socks.
YARMOUTH & CALBOURNE Contact Paul Buckland
Address 49 Albert Street, Cowes.  IW.  PO31 7ND Phone 555167
Mob  07884 076011 
2nd Contact D. Batchelor 07930 270590
Home Ground Cabourne Recreation Ground
Colours 1st Team All Red.
Reserves Tangerine & Black shirts, Black shorts & socks

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