The Isle of Wight FA is a Division of Hampshire Football Association

IOW Divisional FA Council


Season 2020 / 21


Immediate Past President

K R Morris (Deceased )


Alan Russell Esq


  G R Ruck Esq

Deputy Chairman


Hon. Secretary


Hon. Treasurer

Roger Raggett Esq

Hon. Minute Secretary

   D. Bartlett Esq

Hon. Solicitor

S. Nethercott Esq.

 Life Vice Presidents  : 

A Russell (47)   E Sheath (38)

R Flemming (36)    A King (35)

A Justice (34)    R Raggett (30)

R Harvey (29)   P Butler (26)

R McCarthy (17)   S White (17)

J Hopkinson (16)

League Representatives

Saturday  :  

Sunday Youth  :   C South, K Taylor

 IoW Council Representative  :    L. Matthews

Referee's Representative  

 Schools F.A. Representative  : 

Senior Club Representative  :   P Jeffery (Cowes Sports)

Referee's Association Representative  C McFarlane

College Football / Futsal Representative   

Disability Football Representative  :  M Powell

Girls & Womens Football :  Mrs J Woodhouse



Emergency Committee  : 

The Officers with K Taylor

Cups Committee  : 

The Officers will deal with any policy issues whilst the cup competitions will be administered by the Harwoods Renault Saturday League management committee

Finance Committee  :

The Officers with J Hopkinson

Rules Revision  : 

Officers with C. South, J. Hopkinson & R. McCarthy

Representative Football

Officers with R. McCarthy, S White, and the Womens & Mens Team Managers

Succession Planning  : 

G. Ruck (DFA Chairman), A.P. Justice & J. Hopkinson

Football Development  :

M. Powell (Chairman), A.P. Justice, G. Ruck, C. South,

D Murphy, A. Broome, P Buckland, Mrs J Woodhouse

.A. Brown & S. Nicholas (both H.F.A.)

Child Welfare Officer for Saturday Adult Football  :

R. Fleming


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